Maybe// (aka first Blog// first post)


May 30, 2018

Maybe this is a blog. Maybe I’m trying to be like Dougie Howser… okay no, I have not watched that iconic show. But I want to. I want to do so many things, this is a place where I am just gonna dump all the thoughts I’m having because … WHY NOT?!? This is going to be half stream-of- consciousness, half reality, but all me. In other words I don’t feel like accosting your Facebook timeline or creating a Finsta... Maybe I spawned a  weird half-breed thing. Or maybe I just belong in the 90's when blogs where actually "in". MAYBE... You know what?.. Let’s give this blog thing a try. Prepare yourself for a Brain Dump, a Saccharine Skull Sewer, and a Thrift Store of Theories all of what makes the inner workings of my mind.