My current draft of life

This past year I: wrote/ produced/ starred in my very own short-film that premiered here at a local theatre, created my own solo-show, found my groove in student films, co-hosted a fantasy football show, and found an agent that wants me to thrive.

I’ve come far, but I want to go farther, and find more mentors, supporters, team players, allies, and inspirations. I’ve been fortunate to find something in my life that I love.

This is my current draft of life, future drafts include more scriptwriting, singing, and… for now I'm going to keep on keeping on. Thanks for caring, thanks for reading.

Above clips: Nicole Davis as Kate in Love Transmitted, Claudia Fernandez in Game, Set, Match! and in her original theatrical solo piece Cereal or Fish.


All the glitters are not gold...yet...


What I’m all about.

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Working in front of and behind the camera

I started off as a Production Assistant for a western Wanted (2017), western TV-show Death and Compromise (2017) and Sidestep (2018). Then a producer and writer for my own short-film Game, Set, Match! a spoof of the classic film-noir genre. Most recently I served as 2nd AD for Javelina Run (SAG-AFTRA) [2019], directed by the award winning Lisa Belcher starring Lorelei Linklater and Larry Welch.

Being a part of the other elements of filmmaking, I know all the work that leads up to me being fortunate enough to have lines to memorize, to have food to eat on set, to have lights shining on my face, to have the camera and sound rolling. I am mindful of all the collaboration put into every set, it really does take a village.

BTS pictures provided by local Texas filmmaker Samuel Ali and David Solis Jr.

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