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Why hello there! I see you’ve found my website. My name is Nicole Davis, I’m a racially ambiguous creature for San Antonio Texas attending St. Edward's University for a BFA in Acting and Minor in Musical Theatre. 

During the academic year I am a TA/ Research Assistant for the School of Arts and Humanities and Senior Advisor for Transit Theatre Troupe. With Transit I produced the last installment of The Fate Changers, a Sci-Fi play and revamped Transit’s New Works Play Festival which developed and showcased, five never-before-seen, student plays.

Outside of school my projects include:

Game, Set, Match! a comedic, film-noir, short-film, that premiered September of 2019 at a local San Antonio Alamo Drafthouse which I produced/wrote/ and acted in.

The following are in post-production:

Texas Tall Tales, a horror anthology feature in the role of Cindy, is still in post-production.

The SAG accredited inspirational swim-based feature Flipturn where in the role of young swimmer Amber.

Love Transmitted a two part musical-comedy special where I play the role of Kate, a girl with a big heart and unfortunately an STD that Jesse just can’t get over.

Union Made an empowering, female-lead, UT Senior-Thesis film that takes place in the Triangle-Shirt Waist company in 1906, in the role of Sophia.

Vitches is the show Riverdale, meets Charmed, meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, meets Mean Girls, all in one where I play the Gretchen Weiners of the group, Jessica.

The Quirk in You as Hannah, Oliver’s new date for the night that (spoiler alert) and has OCD just like him.

Half- Baked as Quincy the Fast-food restaurant manager alongside other dysfunctional characters in the work place.

I am also the co-host for Fanium Fantasy a fantasy football centered instagram entertainment show that covers football players day-to-day lives. All of which is a just a branch of the larger Fanium Fantasy Football franchise.

Whew- I said all of that in one breath. You should try it. It’s a great breathing exercise. I know this from the 50 years I spent in the Himalayas as a doula. True story.


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