Nicole Davis

love a great conversation

Isn't that what it's all about?  Getting a message across to someone else? Not just through rhetorical questions like this.  Not necessarily physically across a table from someone like I am in this scene either. But definitely across a medium. Definitely trying to connect somehow, in any capacity.  That is why I want to be a part of this industry.  I see it as the place to share my own experience, mix it with others, and create something wonderful.  Just like any truly enthralling conversation.

Nicole Davis as Lexi in First Move


Short Dissertation of my life


As told in relation to quotes from parts I have played.


"Where I come from..."- (Anon)ymous [Nasreen/Ensemble]

I come from a multicultural divorced household. I've constantly been stuck between two worlds from the start, this helped me develop the point of view I have today.  From honoring my immigrant mother and the tightly-knit family of a colorful culture, to honoring the patriotism of my all-American military dad.  These qualities of myself are a part of me, but they do not define me.

Stuck between two worlds
These...qualities are a part of me, but they don't define me

"You do not know it at all! Girls here are free to have fun."- Westside Story [Anita]

I also attended an all-girls school high school.  So while I calloused to the constant culture shock that is my life. The culture shock I was not prepared for however was the one outside of my single-gendered catholic high-school. The opposite gender.  Add on the additional culture of college and you have one giant culture-cocktail. Complete with times of hysterical laughs, sullen moments, and lots of confusion.

I attended an all-girls High School
Times of hysterical laughs, sullen moments, and ...confusion

"I think I just started laughing. Or maybe I cried. I'm not sure." - Interview with Anna Ruiz [Ana Ruiz]

For years of constant high-speed scrubbing of my emotions and perspective to best interact with the world, doing what I do now is the slowest epiphany of something bubbling inside of me since the beginning. I say slow because I fought it for a while, as did other elements of my life.  But it is the slow epiphanies of life that make me feel that quote from Ana Ruiz.  To be in this industry, I get to make those slow epiphanies everyday.  It's called creativity.

Bubbling inside of me since the beginning
Slow Epiphanies
It's called creativity

All the glitters are not gold...yet...


My IMDB page and it's Production Assistant credit:

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 4.39.34 AM.png

Working in front of and behind the camera

I started off as a Production Assistant for a western Wanted (2017) and other western themed material.  The days were long, texas-weather hot, but totally worth it.  This kind of experience really gives a plushy actor more of an appreciation and comprehension for what goes into filming besides just the actor's performance. Being behind the camera is still something that interests me, and will be something I have been, and will be exploring in the near future. For now enjoy these BTS pictures provided  by local Texas filmmaker Samuel Ali.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 4.39.54 AM.png

More content to come soon

Along with a small crew of St. Edward's, I will be producing a couple projects for the camera soon.  This part of my story is to be continued at a later date.  But "Texas-grown with a New York edge" Natasha Straley with Straley Films was the final push for me to make this website, so you can thank her for this website/depository of my professional life thus far. Speaking of thanks,  I would like to thank all my mentors (esp. David Long) and peers (too many and great to name specifically) at St.Edward's, Natasha Straley, and everyone else I have been lucky enough to come into contact with in this industry. I thank you all immensely. :)


- NICOLE DAVIS  1/9/18